CERTUSS-compliant Accessories

As with all Steam Generator plant, there is a requirement for associated accessories, such as a feed water tank, water softener, blow-down vessel etc. CERTUSS offer a full range of bespoke equipment, which is designed and manufactured to meet both the technical requirements and standards for CERTUSS Steam Generators and the Industries we serve.

As well as offering individual components as loose supply, CERTUSS also manufacture a Skid Mounted Package Plant Module (CVE), where all of the individual ancillary components are pre-piped, pre-wired, interconnected to the Generator(s) and finally factory tested prior to delivery to you.

CERTUSS Economiser


With a built-in Economizer the degree of efficiency of the CERTUSS steam boilers amounts to 98 %.

CERTUSS feed water tank

Feed Water Tank

CERTUSS offers feed water tanks in 5 sizes for unpressurized operation of the CERTUSS steam generators. 


Heat Exchanger

The CERTUSS desalination heat exchangers with buffer storage are used solely in CERTUSS steam plants.

CERTUSS water softening plant

Water Softening

CERTUSS UK has appointed Western Environmental Limited as approved water treatment provider.