Electro E 100 M – 120 M Steam Generator

The CERTUSS E 100 M – 120 M Electric steam generator rapidly raises steam in < 3 minutes. With total heat output controlled by a pressure sensor and a 3 stage manual option output feature. The CERTUSS E 100 M – 120 M Electric steam generator is perfect for any small size steam industry user who have no fossil fuel available on site and therefore have a requirement for an electric steam boiler.

Installation can be carried out within production facilities and we can offer a full rear package assembly complete with water softener and blowdown vessel, which are pre-piped / pre-wired and factory tested prior to dispatch to site. The CERTUSS E 100 M – 120 M Electric steam generator is a compact, simple to operate unit, with electronic control. Data can be transferred to BMS via Volt Free contacts. 

Steam output capacities are 135 kg/h (100 kW) and 160 kg/h (120 kW) with operating pressures available from 5 bar G to 10 bar G. Multiple units are available to meet higher or flexible demand requirements. Maintenance of the unit is simple, with a stainless steel feed tank, electronic level controller, water feed pump, steam chamber and control panel all integral of the main body framework.

The CERTUSS E 100 M – 120 M Electric steam generator is also available in full stainless steel construction for clean steam facility requirements to HTM 2031. All CERTUSS Steam Generators are manufactured to current PED 2014/68/EU standards.

For less steam output see:

Electro E 100 M – 120 M Electric Steam Generator

Extract of Technical Specifications
Construction Group 1
Capacities Steam output (kg/h) 135 / 160
Heat Output kW 100 / 120
Working Pressure max MPa 0.5 / 0.8 / 1.0
bar 5 / 8 / 10
Measurements (mm)
Height / Width / Depth 1925 / 1005 / 800

Measurements, weights and further values are rounded up. Indicated pressure are overpressure values. Output values stated are related to 10ºC feed water temperature and 0.6MPa (6 bar) steam overpressures. Delivery complete including stainless steel water feed tank. Rights reserved for technical alterations.