Steam capacities

Multiple plant for utmost steam output

Multiple Plants

  • Capacities up to 16,000 kg/h
Rapid vertical steam boiler design

Single Rapid Steam Boilers

  • Capacities up to 2,000 kg/h
Two electric CERTUSS Steam Boilers

Electric Steam Boilers

  • Capacities up to 320 kg/h

CERTUSS Steam Generators are manufactured with single steam output ranges from 8 kg/h (6 kW) to 2,000 kg/h (1,312 kW). However steam supply requirements can vary greatly, depending on your steam supply demand and operating hours. In some instances, your steam supply demand may require for example a 24 x 7 operation to meet production or process requirements,

or indeed you may have a fluctuating high / low steam demand. Whatever the requirement, CERTUSS can cater for many options with the implementation of a CERTUSS multiple plant, where capacities of up to 16,000 kg/h can be accommodated.