With all of CERTUSS Steam Boiler plant there is a requirement under regulatory standards such as PED or ASME, to ensure that there is a blow-down vessel installed. The requirement for a blow-down vessel, is to ensure that when a blow-down sequence (de-sludge of the steam chamber or coil) is carried out at the end of a working day. Usually a 12 hour maximum period of operation is recommended before a blow-down sequence is carried out. The water and sludge being displaced from the steam generator is safely collected in the blow-down vessel and displaced then to drain as a secondary motion de-pressurized and cooled.

However when a CERTUSS Generator blow-down sequence is carried out, the volume of water / sludge being displaced under pressure from the Steam Generator to the blow-down vessel, is relatively small in content when measured on a PED regulatory chart. Following the guideline for PED regulations the displacement volume from the CERTUSS Generator, does not warrant the requirement for a standard blow-down vessel, (EN2871 CAT 3 standard), as required for conventional steam boilers, which displace a large volume of water/sludge under pressure.

Therefore under PED regulations, the CERTUSS Generator only requires a suitable displacement vessel, which is CE Marked and supplied with an identification plate for Insurance purposes.

To accompany the CERTUSS blow-down vessel, we also offer our CERTUSS blow-down vessel cooling water facility, to ensure any water being displaced to drain is suitably cooled and within local water board regulatory standards.

Another element of the term "blow-down" is the sequence operation. This sequence operation is carried out manually as a standard. However, CERTUSS offer an automatic stop, start, blow-down system. This allows you to set the operation times for starting the generator, stopping the generator at the end of production requirements and then finally instigating the blow-down sequence.

On completion of the blow-down sequence, fresh make up water is introduced and the generator shuts down until the next selected start signal is received by the generator. This can be to suit your requirements, e.g. next day or straight after the blow-down sequence is complete if you have a continued production requirement. Set times for the automatic sequences are easily adjusted either manually or remotely via the time clock function within the Touch Screen.

Qualilty Standards

European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)
European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)