Optimum Energy Efficiency

CERTUSS continually strive to achieve the highest standards of efficiency for our vertical Steam Generator. With the CERTUSS patented triple construction design, a forced air flow facility is introduced whilst the main burner is in operation.

The fan driven air is moved around the outer casing, creating a natural air insulation (keeping the heat around the coil chamber), it is then introduced into the inner casing and up to the burner mixer chamber in the form of pre-heated combustion air, before any waste gasses are finally exited through the chimney outlet to atmosphere.

It is this process that works towards achieving our high level of thermal efficiency of > 93 % as a standard.

By adding an optional CERTUSS flue gas Economizer to the CERTUSS Steam Generator, a further 5 % can be added to the already standard high level of thermal efficiency, raising the total to > 98 %.

If you couple the high level thermal efficiency offered by the CERTUSS Steam Generator, to the maximum 5 minute instant steam raising ability, we are confident you will agree that CERTUSS Vertical Steam Generators offer World leading optimum efficiency levels.